Our services

We support clients with pragmatic environmental outcomes in development, delivery and operation of infrastructure. Our experience spans the whole life cycle major infrastructure. This means we bring constructability and delivery risk thinking when we’re supporting you in development. It means we bring development and assessment insight when we’re supporting you in delivery. And it means we bring learnings and know-how to the maintenance and operation of your infrastructure.


  • We help you design, assess and gain approval of your project
  • We collaborate with you to design the best project
  • We prepare targeted and evidence driven environmental investigations and impact assessments


Development Support

  • Business Case / Gateway Review
  • Environmental Assessment: Constraints mapping
  • Sustainability input and assessment 
  • Review of Environmental Factors
  • Consistency Assessments
  • Statement of Environmental Effects
  • Environmental Impact Statements
  • Negotiation of conditions of approval
  • Contractual allocation of environmental requirements
  • Procurement support


  • We ensure the delivery of your project goes to plan
  • We’ll make sure the environmental components of your project start on time and get delivered on budget
  • We provide assurance that your project is compliant during delivery


Delivery support

  • Environment representative role
  • Construction approvals
  • Environmental Management Plan preparation
  • Sustainability input
  • Site surveillance, inspections and performance reviews
  • Environmental incident support (ICAM)
  • Training and strategy
  • Environmental compliance audits
  • Operational readiness review
  • Environment Protection Licence support
  • Stakeholder management support


  • We help you maintain your social licence to operate by working with you and the community
  • We ensure your assets are compliant during operation
  • We help you manage your asset efficiently

Operation support

Compliance audits and reviews

Maintenance approvals and oversight

Incident investigation

Sustainability input

Operational Environmental Management Plan preparation and review

Management of environmental planning approvals and contractual requirements.